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The two fashion brands declined to comment. Related: How a 'barren rock' became an Asian powerhouse The influx of firms from the Chinese mainland reflects a broader shift in Hong Kong's role as a business hub. "At the time of the handover, Hong Kong was seen as a stepping stone for multinationals looking to tap into the China market," said Denis Ma, head of research for Hong Kong at property brokerage JLL. "In a sense that's still true, but what we've seen over the last few years is that [mainland Chinese] firms have begun to take a similar view of hong kong chiropractic association Hong Kong as a stepping stone to engage with the wider world."  The increasing dominance of China Inc. over Hong Kong is hard to ignore. There are now 1,123 Chinese companies in the territory, almost triple the number 20 years ago, according what does chiropractic tape do to real estate services firm CBRE. They also account for 64% of the City's stock market capitalization, up from 16% in 1997. Changes within China have driven the trend. Government policies have increasingly opened up Hong Kong to mainland firms; Beijing has encouraged Chinese businesses to expand abroad; and huge sums of money have flooded out of China as its economy slowed in recent years. Central Hong Kong has the most expensive office real estate in the world, according to CBRE. The relentless rush of Chinese money has sent the real estate market soaring. Landlords collect an average of $264 per square foot per year in rent for prime office space in central Hong Kong, far higher than London's West End ($146) or Midtown Manhattan in New York ($144), according to CBRE . Becoming a homeowner in Hong Kong has become a lot harder, too, as prices have shot up 89% since 1997, CBRE said. Hong Kong has ranked as the least affordable city for seven years in a row, according to public policy firm Demographia .

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